My Short Bio

Let me be your guide!

My name is Zsuzsanna Marina Szurovcev (or shorter: Suzy), I was born and grew up in Budapest therefore I’m well-equipped to introduce you to all the sights and delights of the city. I’m a licensed private guide with 10 years of experience in guiding tourists from all over the world.

I graduated in German and Swedish literature and linguistics, so I might offer a tour in your native language. However with my avid interest in languages, I am able to conduct my tours in Russian, German, English, Swedish and Danish, so that you don’t miss out on the history and stories embedded in this beautiful city. From November to the end of April I work as a ski instructor in Austria, so catch me while I’m in Budapest for a truly unforgettable experience! On my website you’ll find a list of tours I offer, but it would be my pleasure to present tours tailored especially for you. Experience Budapest with the eyes of a real native! Join me on a tour and I’ll show you the main sights and a little bit more of this beautiful city!