Szentendre * Szentendre – Visegrád * Esztergom, Visegrád, Szentendre * Gödöllő * Lake Balaton


Budapest’s Surroundings

Szentendre – The Town of Arts and Museums (4 hrs 150 € + entrance fees)

Passing by the oldest parts of Budapest, we’ll get to the most artistic town near the capital city. This little town has everything an artist needs: colorful houses, narrow streets, art galleries, antique shops, good wines and marzipan. The tour includes: a walk in the town, Marzipan Museum, Wine Museum, Kovács Margit Ceramic Museum (an extensive collection of Margit Kovacs' ceramic works featuring a unique synthesis of folk and Byzantine motifs). Before returning to the city you can enjoy a nice meal in one of Szentendre’s charming restaurants.

Szentendre – Visegrád (5 hrs 160 € + entrance fees)

Only a few kilometers away from Szentendre we’ll drive to the 14th century capital of Hungary: Visegrád. A mixture of amazing scenery and interesting history, we’ll visit the ruins of a castle which served four Hungarian kings and from the top you will see a birds-eye view on the bend of the Danube.

The Bend of the Danube: Esztergom, Visegrád, Szentendre (7 hrs 180 € + entrance fees)

Starting in the oldest town of Hungary, which houses the largest catholic church in the country (St. Stephen’s Basilica in Esztergom), on this tour you’ll get the chance to visit two former capital cities of Hungary (Esztergom and Visegrád), enjoy beautiful sceneries, see the ruins of a great castle and get a feeling of Szentendre’s unique atmosphere. It’s also a good opportunity to buy all your souvenirs and before returning to the city, enjoy a nice meal in one of Szentendre’s charming restaurants.

Gödöllő – In the Path of Sissy (4 hrs 150 € + entrance fees)

The Palace in Gödöllő is one of the most important, largest monuments of Hungarian Palace architecture. During the 19th century Gödöllő appeared as one of Empress Elisabeth’ favourite places, used by her as a summer palace. By going through the rooms of the palace, you will get to know the dynasty of the Habsburgs and the tragic story of the Emperor, Franz Joseph’s family. Through a walk in the great park, the castle is surrounded by, you can imagine why this place used to be like a piece of Heaven for Empress Elisabeth of Austria, better known as Sissy.

Lake Balaton – the Hungarian Sea (7 hrs 180 € + entrance fees)

Once upon a time Hungary's shores were washed by 3 seas... The only one left is our Hungarian Sea, Central Europe's biggest lake, lake Balaton. Still the most popular weekend and summer holiday destination for Hungarians. Beautiful sceneries, mediterranean atmosphere and good wines ‒ what more can you wish for?