Special tours *

Drive a tank and play paintball in approx. 1 hour drive from Budapest! Want to play war? Want to imagine Budapest during WWII and 1956? Why don’t you just get in a soviet tank and go for a ride? I’ll take you to the battlefield, which is about 50 kilometers away from Budapest, and there you can have an experience for a lifetime!

Budapest from above

Get in a helicopter and enjoy a 15 minutes flight above the city. Or you’re not a fan of modern technique? There’s also another way to see the city from above: take a hot air balloon.

Budapest – In the Path of the Communists

Let’s go back in time – at least a few decades. We’ll see the city with the eyes of a communist… and with the car of a communist: the Trabant. Do not miss the experience of driving a paper Jaguar, this very symbol of life behind the Iron Curtain. In this special city tour we’ll also drive to the Communist Statues’ Park of Budapest.

* Some of these programs need to be organised in advance, so if you decide to book a tour like this, please let me know it a good time in advance.